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My Dashboard: How to submit my monthly payroll updates

Please find an overview of how to submit your monthly payroll updates in the portal MyDashboard

Here a short overview of what you can expect today!

First step:

Log into MyDashboard.

Click on your Payroll service under the category 'Payroll updates', there you can find the overview of your employees.

You can view all payroll updates and are also able to submit new updates.


Second step:

If you have any updates for your employee, then you can easily insert the information in the blank spaces.

You can also attach a document in the category 'Incapacity' or also write a comment in the comment section.

Third and final step:

If you have inserted all information, please make sure everything is correct and then click on the orange button on the right side named 'save & submit'.

Of course, it is also possible to save the updates by clicking 'save'. Then you can insert the other information later!

Once you have submitted your information, this will directly go to your Payroll manager and they will take note of this. Thank you!


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