Parental Leave

Do employers have to pay salary during maternity Leave in Germany?

The employee is 6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after prohibited to work. In the case of multiple births or a disabled child, the time after birth will increase to 12 weeks.

During this time the employer is obliged to pay full salary deducted by a daily allowance the health insurance pays, which is 13 € for each day. The salary you payout is tax and social security free.

However, the continued paid salary will be reimbursed with 100% by the health insurance after filing applications for each month. We can file those applications but as this is a higher workload we calculate with a fee of 50 € per application. Please confirm Shelley.

To calculate the salary you have to pay during those 14 weeks, we kindly ask you to provide us with the doctor's statement which indicates the approx. birth date. I will then come back regarding the pro-rata salary and the calculation during maternity leave.

Workers may be released from work for the care of their child (1-3 years). Parental leave must be registered in writing seven to eight weeks before the start of the period. It is also to clarify in writing how long one wishes to take parental leave.

The employment relationship during parental leave is suspended and therefore the employer does not have to pay a salary. For this, there is the financial support of the state in the form of a parental allowance. The amount of parental allowance is at least 300 euros per month. If the occupation is interrupted, one receives up to 67 % of the average income of the last twelve months, but maximally 1800 euro per month. If the income is over 1200 euros, the parental allowance is 65 % of the net salary.


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