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What type of working contracts are available in Germany?

There is a diverse range of roles in the German job market. International applicants are especially welcomed for roles in which there is a huge demand for workers.

This includes nurses, doctors, engineers, mechanical technicians and IT professionals. Along with the range of roles, there is also a range of contracts.

Permanent Labor Contract

A permanent employment contract (unbefristeter Arbeitsvertrag) means the role has no fixed end, but is offered on a long-term basis. A permanent job role is ideal for those who are looking for job security and want to live in Germany for the long term.

Fixed-term Labor Contract

A fixed-term contract (befristeter Arbeitsvertrag) in Germany is usually offered for a role in which an individual is only required for a certain time frame. This may be due to the nature of the role or to cover someone who is on leave.

Minijob Contract

Minijob contracts are low-paid, low-skilled, part-time roles that have a salary of up to €450 per month. In a mini-job contract, the employer pays just some or none of the health insurance contribution, which is subsidized by the government. These are also common roles for those students looking for a working contract in Germany.

Contract with a recruitment agency

Some employers work with third-party recruitment agencies to find staff. In many short-term, temporary roles, individuals are actually contracted by the recruitment company.

Freelancer Contracts

Freelancing is commonplace and means you can offer your professional services to a range of businesses. Freelance work is less secure, but more flexible. Freelancing involves being responsible for your own tax and health insurance contributions.