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What is the DATEV format?

The DATEV format is used to exchange various accounting data between the tax office or bookkeeping and the user.

The format was introduced at the end of the 1990s by the company DATEV and has its comprehensive functions, the compressed export and the high compatibility between the various DATEV -Software solutions established as German standard. While old programs also offered the mailing format, DATEV advises from 2017/2018 to only use the standardized format.

The export of invoices in DATEV format has many advantages. In this way you can easily and conveniently transmit your data to the tax advisor.

History and software solutions of the company DATEV

Founded in Nuremberg in 1966, the company can look back on an eventful history in which the technical conditions for bookkeeping were repeatedly discussed (see also the lexicon entry for bookkeeping obligations had to readjust. The first solutions involved a data transfer from the client to the office on punch cards, later via MS-DOS. In 1998, DATEV switched to working with Microsoft Windows computers and developed more than 200 software solutions for everything to do with management, accounting, accounting, and tax accounting.

Today DATEV is the most important software partner for over 2.5 million German medium-sized companies and 11 million employees nationwide. Thanks to the various solutions for private employees, medium-sized employers, sole proprietorships, and companies, the work with the DATEV format prevailed in all important areas of financial communication.

This success is also reflected in the company's data:

  • Over 40,000 members (as of 2015)
  • Over 6,800 employees (as of 2015)
  • 880.8 million euros in sales in 2015

Data export with the DATEV format

Various data can be exported from the various programs via DATEV data transfer in DATEV format. This can include all data relating to the movement of goods, bookings, accounts and billing. Within the software, for example "Income tax classic", "LODAS classic" or "Finanzanalysis pro", the values are entered in Statistics and data records.
This procedure is made possible by using a DATEV interface. With every data transport, the sender chooses which data records and information should be transferred. The export takes place in * .cvt or * .dat format. A preview of the data is usually available before sending. In addition, the DATEV software works with the ASCII format, which is stored in * .txt and * .csv files.

To use the DATEV interface, registration is required, in which the personal and company data is checked for validity. For the use itself, depending on the solution, costs can be incurred. The interface is characterized by a high level of security. Many tax offices and auditors now work exclusively with the DATEV format.

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