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What is the Amazon VAT Transactions Report?

What does the Amazon VAT Transactions Report contain?

The Amazon VAT Transactions Report contains relevant information for VAT on transactions that occur in VAT Services in Amazon-subscribed countries. It includes details such as buyer shipments, buyer returns, buyer refunds, fulfilment centre transfers

You will see information about the following transactions for AFN and MFN channels:

  1. Sale: All transactions in which a buyer purchases goods from you.
  2. Return: All transactions in which a buyer returns goods to you and there is a product movement.
  3. Refund: All transactions in which you issue a refund to a buyer and there is no product movement.
  4. FC transfer: All movements of your inventory between Amazon fulfilment centres.
  5. Inbound: All movements of your inventory to an Amazon fulfilment centre.


Please note that where both a refund is issued and the goods are physically returned to an Amazon fulfilment centre, all relevant transactions will be automatically reported in your Amazon VAT Transactions Report. There is no requirement for you to report these separately.

When is the report generated?

Reports are normally generated on the 4th of every month at 10:00 CET; however, this might sometimes be subject to change. Any changes will be notified to you in advance by email.

The “Amazon VAT Transactions Report” will be available for you to download and review on the VAT Services on Amazon Provide Monthly Data page.

Do I need to review the report every month?

We recommend that you review the Amazon VAT Transaction Report each month, so that you can confirm the details of your Amazon transactions.

How do I make changes to my report?

This report is auto-generated with the data provided in the Product Tax File, as well as any other relevant order details.

Please note that if you have Amazon sales or refunds in your Amazon VAT Transactions report, then you will be unable to make changes to the VAT calculations. This is because VAT invoices have been raised for these Amazon sales and refunds, and it is important for VAT purposes that the VAT declared on your VAT filings matches the VAT declared on your invoices. Find out more about how VAT calculations are performed on your Amazon sales and refunds. If there are sale or refund transactions in your Amazon VAT Transactions Report that require changes, please speak to your external tax advisor for assistance with how to report these changes in your Additional VAT Report.

However, you are able to make changes to some product information in the Amazon VAT Transactions Report by updating your product tax file and regenerating your VAT filings. Refer to Product tax file for more information.

Why are some of my Amazon Sale and Refund transactions missing?

If any of your Amazon Sale or Refund transactions are not included in the Amazon VAT Transactions report, these transactions will be included in the Additional VAT Report. Find out more about why your transactions are included in the Additional VAT Report here.

Note: Only your Amazon transactions that are relevant to your VAT Services on Amazon-subscribed countries will be included in your VAT Services on Amazon reports. Transactions will generally be relevant if they are either shipped from or shipped to one of your subscribed countries.