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What happens after my German company was incorporated?

1. Make sure you’ve got your company’s Tax ID (Ust.-ID) from the tax office (Finanzamt) You need this to make your invoices valid!

2. Get the right insurance for your business and as an expatriate.

  • When moving to Germany there are many different insurances that are mandatory as well as desirable for both your business and you as an individual. The bureaucracy is complex and the choices are broad. You need a partner on the ground in Germany to discover the policies that are the best fit for you and your enterprise.

Talk to us: We can help you with all the different expat insurances you need

3. Run your monthly VAT reporting.

  • Find a firm to do the bookkeeping for you and integrate it into your operations.

Talk to us: We can help you to run your monthly accounting* for your new German legal entity.

4. Payroll (Lohnabrechnung).

  • Set up a payroll accounting system

Talk to us: We can help you to run your monthly payroll for your employees in Germany.

5. Don’t forget to close your annual accounts (Jahresabschluss).

  • Bookkeeping can make a lot of small-time entrepreneurs come undone. Without accurate bookkeeping, you can find yourself in hot water when it comes to publishing your Jahresabschluss and operating your business in general.

Talk to us: Our partners can help you to close the books for you.