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What are the responsibilities of a German company with regard to accounting

A German legal entity has got a couple of responsibilities to fulfill

What are responsibilities in general in Germany from a company's point of view regarding accounting and tax matters on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis? VAT returns, annual returns etc. Please submit all relevant invoices by the 5th of each month. Relevant invoices are those addressed to your German company.

German legal entities are obliged to report monthly VAT, as well as to submit an annual year-end report.

Based on the reports companies will be assed. Based on the assessment please settle all invoices in a timely manner.

Please also refer to
Are there any additional requirements from accounting and tax matters point of view for recently established companies? Please make sure, that you issue invoices aligned with German regulations and the nature of your business. We can help you to run an assessment on how to invoice your customers if required.

Please also refer to
What are the taxes a company (in general) in Germany needs to pay. As far as we understood from you emails there are:
- trade tax
- income tax
- turnover tax
- vat tax
- profit tax
- taxes related to employees if there are any
Yes, please pay attention to the official deadlines