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What are the required accounting documents my accountant will need?

There is a list of required accounting documents that your accountant will be happy to receive in order to process monthly your monthly business transactions as well as to prepare your annual report of your German company.

Your company profile

We would very much appreciate it if you could help us to keep your company profile up-to-date:

  • Please validate your company's address
  • Please validate the address as well as the contact information of your managing director

Required documents

In order to meet the mentioned deadlines, we would kindly like to ask you to upload the latest version of the following mandatory documents (if not already done):

  • Commercial register (number & registry court)
  • Latest list of Shareholder
    • (notarial deeds in the event of a change of shareholders)
  • All shareholder resolutions of the past 12 month
    • e.g. Shareholders' resolution on the appropriation of profits for the year 2020
  • All active contracts your company is engaged in
    • Contract with your Managing Director
    • Monthly recurring expenses (e.g. Rent, Leasing, Subscriptions, etc.)

Your customer portal

You can easily update your company profile directly in your user-friendly customer portal.