My Payroll Service

How to review my monthly payroll information as an employer

Tailor your payroll service directly in your dashboard. Approve the monthly payroll reports, share the monthly payment information with your finance department, and automatically share the monthly payslips with your individual employees.


Receiving my monthly payroll reports from the Consultinghouse payroll team

Every month and based on your input, your dedicated Consultinghouse payroll specialist will share with you the calculated payroll information

  • Monthly payroll reports for the employer
  • Monthly payroll slips for the individual employee

The responsible HR Manager in our organization will receive an email notification. Within the email notification, you will find a button that will bring the responsible person directly to the payroll overview tab for the current month.

Reviewing my monthly payroll reports

On the overview tab, the responsible HR Manager will have the opportunity to review the following information

For each individual employee:

  • Net salary
  • Insurance contributions
  • Taxes
  • Private Pension Fund contributions

Contribution overview by insurance name

Additionally, the HR Manager will also receive a complete overview of the monthly contributions by insurance:

Orchestrating the salary payments for my individual employees

Last but not least, all payment information will be provided clearly and according to the very specific payment preferences the HR Manager has configured within the service configuration

Downloading the payment information for the current month

By click on the button "Download", the HR Manager can easily download all relevant payment information. This can be relevant when archiving or forwarding the payroll information.

Once clicked, a PDF document will be generated automatically to be downloaded into the download folder of your computer

Within the download folder of your computer, the payroll information PDF can be viewed

Forwarding the payroll information to your finance department via email

If the salary, as well as social security payments, will be executed by a different department, the payroll information sheet can be also forwarded to the right contact person.

To forward the payroll information to the responsible contact person within your organization, please simply click on the "Share" Button

Once clicked, the responsible person will receive an email notification including all payroll information as an attachment in PDF format 


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