Payroll setup in Germany

How do we collaborate with Consultinghouse to meet our monthly payroll

Please find a general idea about how companies would collaborate with our payroll team to successfully meet their monthly payroll

Monthly cadence and responsibilities

From a monthly cadence point of view, the process would look as follows:
  • 12th to 15th: Consultinghouse to ask for monthly payroll updates
  • 15th: Client to provide payroll updates for the current month
  • 19th to 22nd: Consultinghouse to provide payroll reports & payslips
  • 20th to 23rd: Client to approve numbers and reports
  • 25th to 29th: Payout of salaries as well as social sec contributions

Dates & timeframes

Dates and timeframes may vary a bit based on your preferences
  • If  you want to pay out the salaries on a specific date, Varjo would have to make the payments based on the Consultinghouse payroll reports
  • If you want Consultinghouse to payout the salaries we will align the payouts to the schedule below Salary payouts

Consultinghouse's monthly salary payments schedule 2022

Consulting house salary payment dates are aligned with the deadlines of the official German social security payment schedule


January 27.01.2022
February 24.02.2022
March 29.03.2022
April 27.04.2022
Mai 27.05.2022
Juni 28.06.2022
Juli 27.07.2022
August 29.08.2022
September 28.09.2022
Oktober 27.10.2022
November 28.11.2022
Dezember 28.12.2022



  • Our clients will have a dedicated payroll specialist as a point of contact
  • We will receive monthly updates and provide reports via our portal


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