German company bank account

Business bank account for companies


Anyone setting up their own business or act as self-employed or freelancers has to deal with a lot of bureaucratic hurdles and tasks, particularly in the early days. One of these tasks is the opening of a business bank account.


But why open a business bank account at all?

Those who are self-employed should strictly separate the business and personal expenses. Although it is not required by law to have the business expenses run its own account. But who had to separate professional and private account positions will set voluntarily to a business bank account in the future!

As a matter of principle, any conventional giro account can be considered as a business account. However, many banks offer special contracts, for entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed persons who offer important advantages compared to a conventional current account. Here, the Internet is useful for comparison of offers, such as the business accounts index on In order to enable you to benefit from these advantages and to find the best business account for your personal requirements, we have compiled the five most important tips for choosing a good business account:

1. For what kind of a business should this account used for?

When choosing the right business account, the nature of your business plays an important role. For example, accounts of pure direct and / or online banks for cash transactions, as are customary in the retail trade or in the catering sector, are only very poorly suited. Anyone who sells their goods or services exclusively on the Internet is well advised with a favorable direct bank business account.

2. Are the transaction costs included in the monthly fees?

Business people often have many transactions per month on their account. Business people often have many transactions per month on their account. If the bank calculates a fee for each individual transaction, a high cost may arise. It is better to take advantage of package deals, which include all the money deposits and exits in the monthly price.

3. Pay attention to the cost of extras such as for the overdraft or a credit card

Often accounts are offered at first glance to be very favorable, but the bank is trying to recoup lost profits again in the associated extras. So, pay attention to how high, for example, the interest on an overdraft is and also how much a credit card is per year.

4. opportunities to withdraw cash

It is not always the case that self-employed can transfer the necessary amount of capital on their private checking account. If it has to go even faster, a sufficient number of ATMs should be in your residence location nearby to find e.g on It is important to ascertain whether withdrawing cash costs a fee. Some banks charge for up to five euros per operation.

5. Put on good advice!

Especially entrepreneurs often have many questions but just gets inadequate answers. Would not it be nice to have a reliable partner in the commercial bank available, which one engages with questions and problems. If you want it, be sure to choose a possible branch bank that has a trained and specialized professional for business start-up advice. In other areas, such as tax return you should rely on good advice from professional consultants.